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  1. Treatments for rosacea

    ​Rosacea is a common skin condition. Which treatments are effective?​

  2. Toothbrushes: Powered versus manual

    ​Updated Cochrane review comparing types of toothbrushes finds some difference in the short-term.

  3. Topical treatments for seborrheic dermatitis

    ​Reviewers from Finland's national medicines agency study medicated skin treatments and shampoos to find out what works. ​

  4. Exercise and heart failure: counting the benefits

    The latest from the updated Cochrane Collaboration systematic review on exercise for people with heart failure.

  5. Longterm allergy relief
    A review from the US Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ) analyzes evidence about specific allergen immunotherapy, including allergy shots.
  6. Low-intensity cognitive behavior therapy and depression
    An individual patient data meta-analysis analyzes CBT website impact on moderate versus mild depression.
  7. Ways of preventing postnatal depression
    An updated Cochrane review of 28 trials finds support interventions can help prevent postpartum depression.
  8. Vitamin and antioxidant supplements
    A systematic review concludes that none of the supplements studied reduced the risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease.
  9. Lubricant shots for osteoarthritis in the knees
    A systematic review of 89 trials finds adverse effects but no clinically important benefits of hyaluronic acid for osteoarthritis of the knee.
  10. Actinic keratoses: the options
    A Cochrane systematic review updates the evidence on this common, sometimes pre-cancerous, condition.
  11. Nasal polyps?
    A new Cochrane review finds that nasal corticosteroids can help, without major adverse effects.
  12. Reducing complications of elective heart surgery
    A new Cochrane review studies pre-operative physical therapy for people having elective cardiac surgery.
  13. Ways to prevent falls in the elderly
    An updated Cochrane review finds growing evidence on several ways to reduce older people's risk of falling
  14. Getting rid of warts
    An updated Cochrane review now includes 85 trials testing the effectiveness of different ways of removing warts.
  15. Can computer or online support help you lose weight?
    A new Cochrane review analyzes results of weight loss programs with interactive computer-based support.
  16. Hospital-based birth centers
    An updated Cochrane review assesses safety and intervention rates in trials with more than 11,000 births.
  17. Allergy prevention: probiotics
    Can probiotic supplements in pregnancy or for babies reduce the risk of a child developing atopic dermatitis?
  18. Do pacifiers interfere with breastfeeding?
    An updated Cochrane review finds reassuring evidence on pacifiers and breastfeeding.
  19. Update on hormone therapy
    Cochrane reviewers have updated their analysis on long-term use of hormone therapy around or after menopause.
  20. Improving clinical practice
    Can audit & feedback improve clinical practice?
  21. Wisdom teeth removal
    Is it worthwhile surgically removing wisdom teeth that have not broken through--but are causing no problems? Cochrane reviewers have updated their search for answers.
  22. Quitting smoking in hospital
    Smoking increases the risk of complications of surgery. This Cochrane review assesses the trials on helping smokers to quit while in hospital.
  23. Exercise and asthma
    A Cochrane review finds 19 trials analyzing the effects of various forms of exercise.
  24. Quitting smoking
    What's the evidence on nicotine receptor partial agonists, including varenicline (Chantix)? A Cochrane review assesses the trials.
  25. What works for frozen shoulder?
    A review from the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) in England studies this painful condition, called adhesive capsulitis.
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