Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Registration with ANRANT and the Natural Therapies profession.

Natural Therapists

Continuing Professional Education

Natural Therapists

What is the role of a Natural Therapist?

A: The role of a natural therapists includes:

  • Being a primary contact health professional
  • Being a secondary contact health professional through the referral from other health care providers
  • Working directly or in conjunction with other health care providers


  • The prevention and treatment of health concerns and;
  • The maintenance of optimal health

Q: How do the public select a natural/traditional therapist?

A: A natural therapists is usually selected from a phone directory, advertisement, word of mouth, referral or by searching for a practitioner on the ANRANT website.

Q: How do you know if a natural therapist is 'qualified'?

A: The natural therapy profession is self regulated and qualifications may vary significantly amongst practitioners. To ensure your safety search for a health professional on the ANRANT website.

For more information refer to Guidance on Choosing a Therapist.

Continuing Education

Q: What is CPE?

A: Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is a vital part of any professional health register of practitioners (i.e. ANRANT). CPE points are accrued by health professionals through ongoing research, attendance at conferences, lectures and upgrading of skills. Health professionals remain up-to-date with core philosophies, treatment protocols and the ability to integrate the latest research.

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