Professional Ethics

Code of Professional Ethics

For over 50 years ANRANT has promoted informed choice in natural therapies through the creation and maintenance of minimum standards in health profession education, training and practice. This protects the public interest and safety through the provision of quality health care.

The Code of Professional Ethics (the Code) shall be read and implemented in conjunction with the ANRANT Constitution. The Traditional Medicine and Natural Therapies profession has long promoted a body of ethical principles developed to guide a practitioner's conduct, in their professional practice. As a Member of ANRANT, a practitioner must, first and foremost, recognise his or her responsibility to the patient, as well as colleagues, the profession, and to society.

These principles adopted by the Australian Natural Register of Accredited Natural Therapists are the standard for aspects of practice and conduct required of Members. Whilst the requirements outlined in the Code of Professional Ethics are not law, adoption and adherence to them by all practitioners is a condition of membership of the Register. Failure to adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics or Rules of the Constitution will be dealt with under ANRANT Constitution.

The Register accepts the responsibility for setting and enforcing the standards of ethical behaviour required of practitioner members.

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